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About Us – Quebec

Our products are proved by Health Canada

About Yasss Queen

Yasss Queen is here to take the curly hair market by storm! Founded by Noura Zakaria, who is known for her expert touch when it comes to caring and styling curly and wavy hair, Yasss Queen has built a reputation for being the best curly hair company.

Did you know that the inspiration behind Yasss Queen is the beautiful Goddesses of ancient mythology? Small wonder, then, that our products are simply divine! Visit our online shop today!

  • Your curly and textured hair is our responsibility
  • Love your curls
  • Reconnect with your true beauty

Our mission here at Yasss Queen is to help you fall in love with your curls again. Our specially-formulated products and years of experience will help you maintain your hair properly and optimally.

Our values
Our formulas are tailored specifically to curly hair, using natural ingredients known for safety and performance.

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